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Whether you’re a self-taught artist or more advanced, having guidance on this artistic journey is paramount. If you’ve been looking for my recipe to creating a six-figure art retail business, you are in luck.

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You’re a painter. A self-taught artist. An established artist. An artist ready to step it up…

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You want to create amazing work that practically sells itself. But maybe you feel like a fraud or you don’t know where to start, and that’s perfectly okay.

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I’m Amira, and it’s my mission to teach artists how to sell the work they love while building a profitable business, a creative legacy.

If you’ve invested thousands of dollars in art school or other courses, but you still aren’t making enough money trying to sell your art, the truth is there’s probably something missing.

The missing piece that will tie it all together and make EVERYTHING you’ve learned and experienced finally work for you.

Together, let’s turn your dreams into reality: one where you’re painting to your heart’s content and consistently creating high-priced, high-value art that sells.

 And did I mention?

I love my job!