For the Modern Painter who wants to master their craft without the noise. 

What if you could earn a full-time income with your paintings?

What if you raised the value of your paintings and TRIPLED the amount of sales and commission requests?

What if…you finally took a chance on your dream of becoming an artist.

Let me tell you something—you deserve to take that chance.

How? By accelerating your growth, challenging your potential as an artist, and learning what it takes to become a successful, thriving artist.

Are you ready for this magical experience?


It’s time to:


Master Your Process


Have a High-Vibe Community


Sell Art You Love


This is how it works.

First of all, this isn’t your typical, snails-pace e-course where you get a bundle of information upfront and then you’re left alone to figure it all out by yourself.

This 8-week intensive art program is about getting down to business because it’s a bootcamp designed to jumpstart your career as a full-time artist. 

I’ll guide you from start to finish as you enhance your painting process, integrate what you’ve learned into your practice, and create a clear path forward to grow your art business.


My 4 Step Framework is delivered over 8 powerful modules of video lessons, printable worksheets, recorded implementation classes, and tutorials ($8000 value)


Module 1

The Million Dollar Mindset

  • Quickly identify what your influences are and using my help, and design your north star for your unique style

  • Reprogram your subconscious in your sleep with my meditations to attract wealth, opportunities, and increase confidence

Module 2

Color Mastery

  • Learn exactly how to use the color wheel to create vibrant paintings that will sell online and off

  • Discover my unique approach to achieving color harmony every time

  • Explore what color palettes you’re attracted to and why as we develop your visceral connection to color



Module 3

Composition 101

  • Utilize the 3 main elements of composition to create blueprints for your paintings

  • Decode your favorite artists’ work into pieces so you can expand your painting vision

  • Translate the composition tools used by designers and photographers to strengthen your abstracts

  • Quickly assess your paintings to move past the “ugly duckling” phase to the finish line

Module 4

Composition 201

  • Compose your paintings with ease and confidence using my 3Rs

  • Watch and learn how to easily lift the vibrations of your paintings to avoid dull work

  • Add detail and color alterations to strategically evolve your simpler compositions



Module 5

Depth Through Detail

  • Build emotive, expressive paintings through intentional mark-making

  • Apply translucent, opaque, and fluorescent paints to create depth in your work

  • Utilize additives to create glazes and patterns in art

Module 6

How to Make Your
Acrylics Look Like Oils

  • Build compositions through Texture

  • Incorporating mixed media to increase the Value of Your Paintings



Module 7

Styles of Abstraction

  • Explore an expert-inspired painting with spray paint, enamel, and paint

  • Floral, landscape, and figurative styles of abstraction (Bonus guest lectures)

Module 8

Finishing a Painting

  • How to sign and title your work like a pro

  • The key to varnishing

  • Packing and shipping (Bonus)



Bonuses include:

2 Monthly mindset calls ($500 value)

2 Live painting workshop calls ($500 value)

24 hour access to FB group for support from myself, team, and artist tribe ($997 value)

Bonus Biz & Marketing Alum group after you graduate ($997 value)

Lifetime access to the course ($8000 value)

Surprise guest experts with painting seminars on Encaustics, Florals, Figurative and more ($1297 value)

A $12,000 Total Value which is still a fraction of the cost of art school. Start today for $1999 (paid in full) or 3 payments of $847!

“But I can’t make enough money as an artist...”

How many times have you said this to yourself? 

How often do the negative words and self-doubt settle in because you’re overwhelmed, confused, and unsure where to start or how to grow.

Years ago, I’ve walked in the same shoes you’re in now as an artist. 
But now I’m here to share the secret recipe of success.

Do you want to finally say goodbye to the anxiety—the anxiety of walking into your studio and seeing all of your unfinished, unsold paintings that make you feel like a failure?

Let’s leave the doubt and fear behind, because this life-changing 8-week intensive art program will take you from artist-in-hiding to artist extraordinaire.

Your creative grit is endless, and the right opportunities are waiting, ready to flock to your doorstep at the right time, the right moment. 


Are you ready to transform your dream of doing what you love for a living into a full-fledged reality?


You want to:

  • Create amazing work that practically sells itself.

  • Learn what it takes to evaluate your own work to consistently sell your paintings.

  • See results and build a sustainable, successful art business.

  • Take a new direction in your work and gain confidence in what you do.

  • Push yourself to develop new skills in a safe, supportive space with other students.

  • Nail down the prices of your work and charge what you’re worth.

  • Become the artist you’ve always meant to become.

Wouldn’t it be tragic if you looked back on your life thinking:

“I had so much to give. So much color and art to show. But I held back and couldn’t overcome the hurdles preventing me from creating art and paintings that truly resonate with people.”

Let’s change the script, because you’re done playing small!

Making art just for fun (or for your eyes only) isn’t your style anymore because YOU KNOW you can make money and run a long-term business with it.

If you want the growth, confidence, insight, and opportunity to create paintings that you love as much as your repeat customers do, then you’re on the right track.

Together, we’ll make it happen!

From Struggling Professional to Artist Extraordinaire

All my life, all I have wanted was to be a full time artist. I saw Amira’s program as that last piece of the puzzle to get my paintings up to the level where they will sell as fast as I paint them. It was a big investment for me--but I was looking for that next big step that would advance my work as an artist. Amira is a generous and gifted mentor and has the skills to help people whether they are beginning or advanced—that's uncommon. What you create each week, what you teach is magical and very special. So for artists who want to go big or go home, they should take full advantage of this.

Sarah Guthrie, MFA Artist & Coach

Amira's approach to teaching is that even though we are a group of different kinds of artists, she lets the individual grow in the direction they wish to go or is more suited to their own way of painting. We aren't moulded in her way way of painting but are pushed into making our own mold. And that is what it's all about, finding our own voice.

Bente Roseyth, Artist

 After this program, you’ll never need to search for another art program or e-course ever again. 

I’ve built a results-driven curriculum and a supportive community so you’ll see immediate progress in your practice and paintings week by week.

You’ll be guided and supported through this whole journey but be prepared—you’ll be pushed to expand past your limits, grow out of your comfort zone, expected to think for yourself too. It’s up to you to trust the process and commit to an ambitious yet transformative course, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

Each week, you’ll get new lessons and trainings through regular video recordings and handcrafted assignments that will fire you up to explore something new while sparking new ideas as an artist.

The entire program has 8 core modules with a proven system to teach and prep you on how to create high-quality, high-value artwork that sells and reflects your style.

Intuitively structured, think of every lesson as a brush stroke—a stroke built on the one before it—and every stroke leads to preparing you for your next masterpiece, your next sale.

Get ready for some homework too! I’m a strong believer in applying what you learn so you can fully benefit from the tools given.

 The homework you submit will help you stay on track, plus I can monitor your progress each step of the way. 

Ready to take on this opportunity? If you’re excited, daring, and want to embark on this journey to grow as an artist and business owner, let’s get started!


 What else do I get?

Lifetime access to all 8 modules, assignments, and videos

Special guest instructors on mindset and their painting experiences

12 weekly and live painting sessions

Hours and hours of recorded classes

As you move through the recorded modules, you’ll also get to experience live painting sessions once a week on Mondays. Since we’re visual creatures, you can watch me paint and apply the information you’re learning in real time.

On Wednesdays, join the group for a community-based weekly Q+A session. This is your chance to reflect on your own work and progress while asking questions and getting immediate feedback, constructive criticism, and how to proceed in the days ahead.

Looking for something more personalized? Talk to me about one-on-one coaching and mentoring!

“Art That Sells” is for:
  • Artists living anywhere in the world who want to prepare themselves for making a full-time income doing what they love.

  • Artists who are committed to learning and growing, and who want to work with acrylic paint that look and feel like oils.

  • Self-taught artists who want to hone their skills and learn what it takes to consistently sell to their ideal audience.

  • Established artists who want to get seen, offer high value work, expand their teaching potential, or gain more sales and commissions.

  • Painters who are wild and free, and love using or exploring with color.
"Art That Sells” isn’t for:
  • Those who want to treat their art as a hobby.

  • Those who aren’t committed or willing to explore and make changes in their art practice.

  • Those looking to make a masterpiece or thousands of dollars immediately.

  • Those who are not painters or who shy away from acrylic paint.

  • Those who want to chill out, hang back, and not finish the work it takes to excel and improve as a successful artist.

I really need this! What do I do next?

Time to enroll in “Art That Sells” now!

If you’re ready to take your art to the next level, to start selling and making a full-time income doing what you love, let’s get started on this journey together. 

The program starts as soon as you enroll. 

I’m committed to helping each student thrive in their art practice with amazing results. If I notice you’re not doing your homework, you may lose the chance to participate and transform your life towards becoming a successful artist. 

That’s how committed I am to the success and integrity of this program.

From A Leap of Faith to Artist Extraordinaire

I watched Amira grow her career over the last five years and told myself, ‘if she ever teaches a course like this, I'm going to sign up!’ I knew right away that that's the direction I wanted to explore—and felt that with her experience, I'd be able to reach my new goals.

Roxanne Steed, Artist & Teacher
Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 4.56.41 PM.png

YESSSSSS!!!!!!! This course has been a game changer for me as an artist. Hands down the very best investment I have made in myself as an Artist. Amira has a gift—Trust her process.

Shawna Lahman, Artist

 If you’re ready to move forward and make art in demand, let’s do this!

One-Time Payment

Save more than 20% with a one-time payment of $1999.

Lifetime access to all 8 modules, assignments, and videos

Hours and hours of recorded classes

12 weekly and live painting lessons

Surprise guest instructors on mindset and their painting experiences

2 monthly mindset calls

2 live painting workshop calls

24 hour access to Art That Sells FB Group

Bonus Biz and Marketing Alum group after you graduate

Payment Plan

3 Payments of $847.

Everything from the one-time payment plan