Your Creative Challenge Is Here.


Ask yourself this:

  • Do you feel called to create but “weighed down” by the demands of every day life?

  • Are you feeling more stuck in survival mode than creative goddess?

  • Are you fearful of putting yourself out there, afraid of what others may say or think?

  • Honesty time, are you simply just not motivated to paint or sell your work to others right now?

If so, dear friend, I know EXACTLY how you feel…


From Shy Wallflower to Painting Goddess

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 2.31.46 PM.png

I’m Amira Rahim and just like you, I have felt the call that I was supposed to do MORE with my life than just work a corporate job, or become a slave to the dollar bill. I’ve been a full-time artist and mentor now for 5 years while experiencing tremendous FREEDOM to play and do what I love.

But guess what?

Every time I would try and play small, I would get a kick in the pants. I would self-sabatoge a major opportunity that fell into my lap. I would overthink every single decision into a dark pit of dreams deferred. Or I would let my fears outweigh my vision. And you can already guess how that would end up…

Binge-watching Netflix shows instead of heading to the studio. No motivation to create anything new. And afraid to take any action on even the slightest thing…yep, depression.

But here’s what has brought me back to center again:

The knowledge that we are all connected and that our energies can either uplift or constrict the planet.

As an artist, YOU wield the wands of creative liberation and it is up to YOU to paint the world the way you want to see it.

Free. Unapologetic. Carefree. And as wild as a child.

In this hyper-connected, technologically-advanced age, we are witnessing some of the greatest expansion across all levels of existence in human history. The potential for you to become the first CEO, the first doctor, heck, even the first president, is greater than ever before.

But here’s the catch.

You gotta claim it…like right now, because greatness doesn’t discriminate.

It’s time that you know that you are worthy of your heart’s desires.

It’s time for you to sing your song.

And I like to sing mine in color, in my pajamas, dancing with paint brushes in my hand while my cat stares off into the distance slightly concerned.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of the Creative Ascension Challenge.


Confidence Renewed.

Passionate Painting.

What are chakras?

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit in origin and translates literally as wheel. There are 7 popular chakras and in some healing traditions over 12. The 7 chakra energy centers in our body are subtle focal points starting with the top of our head to the base of our spine.

Why chakras in a painting challenge?

When chakra centers are blocked or damaged, this can negatively impact your psychological and even physical states. Plain and simple. An opened and aligned energy center can allow you to finally market and sell your work with ease, not desperation.

Through my 7-day program you will:

  • Get out of survival mode and tap into the millions of artists all over the world who are thriving!

  • Create 7 impactful paintings using my signature “color bridges” method!

  • Activate your 7 chakras one color ray at a time through my coaching and painting instruction.

Trade the creative patterns that left you stuck and confused so that you can become prolific and profitable!


What is the Challenge?

Week 1: Claim Your Power.

  • Release toxic patterns and past traumas as we clear debris from the lower chakras.

  • Identify your money stories and how it impacts your business and creative choices.

  • With my assistance, create 3 energy paintings to activate your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras (your passion, creativity, and personal power lives here).

Week 2: Express Joy Freely.

  • Heal and reactivate your heart chakra using special protocols that I use every single year to grow professionally!

  • Learn to express your hearts desires and vocalize them clearly to attract abundance, health, and prosperity.

  • Create 2-3 paintings around your heart and throat chakras with my guidance on intuitive color adaptations and energetic painting practice (love, forgiveness, and the ability to communicate lives here).

Week 3: Clarify Your Vision.

  • Reimagine your potential as a creative being with select videos, resources, and live instruction!

  • Round off the 3rd week with your final 2 paintings to activate your third eye and crown chakra (intuition, innate wisdom, and clarity lives here).

  • Complete the 21 days with a wholistic self-portrait expressing the light and beauty within you.


What You Will Gain

  • You create 7 energy-charged paintings + one self-portrait culmination for you to sell and share online with your following — $1,500 value

  • 21 days of my coaching, instruction & homework assignments delivered via email —$2,100 value

  • SPECIAL WORKSHOP: “Money Talk: What Your Relationships are Telling You About Your Bank Account” with Alexi Turner, Manifesting Coach, 4th-Generation Psychic, & Clairvoyant —$297 value

  • 3 Live Q&A calls with me your coach, Amira Rahim, to assist you and celebrate your progress. — $497 value

  • Weekly meditations, journaling, recommended resources, & painting assignments to gently push you ahead. —$297 value

  • BONUS Exclusive Access to our pop-up Creative Ascension Challenge Facebook Group to post your daily paintings, inspiration, and get constructive feedback (September 16th until October 6th, 2019! — $397 value

  • Deep healing and transformation in a safe space surrounded by like-minded artists! — Priceless

That’s over $5,000 of value…



Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 2.30.57 PM.png

Do I need to be a “serious artist” to do this challenge?

No. You just need the willingness to create. And play with us :)

Truthfully, as long as you can tell the difference between red and green, you’ll do amazing. And I’ll be cheering you on in our private club the whole time!

Can I do this challenge with my kids?

Yes! I’ve been getting many requests to work with homeschooled kids, or kids who want additional artistic support. If you have a special artist being, send them to me! I started painting at a very young age and now it’s my profession. You can imagine how shocked my parents were when they realized I would NOT be going to law school the day of my college graduation. But I knew that my life’s calling would not be in a courtroom. It would be right here connecting with YOU 🙏.

When does the challenge officially begin?

Your first set of instructions + homework assignment will begin on September 16th, Monday! All content will be delivered through email and we meet once per week in our private meeting group for live Q&A.

After the 21 days, will I have access to the lessons?

Yes! All video sessions will be recorded and shared via email. As well as my guided coaching delivered to your inbox each day over the next 3 weeks. After the 21 days, you can repeat the challenge and share on your social media channels for even more connection!